Past Presentations

2016 Homes for Horses Coalition Conference

Rescue Horse Rehabilitation
Dr. Hannah Mueller, Founder and President, Northwest Equine Stewardship Center

Making Animal Cruelty Count: Reporting Animal Cruelty Incidents to the FBI’s National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
Nelson Ferry, Management and Program Analyst, FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Dr. Mary Lou Randor, Senior Advisor, Animal Cruelty Programs and Training, Animal Welfare Institute
Dan DeSousa, Deputy Director, County of San Diego, Department of Animal Services

Social Media Beyond the Basics
Bob Hutchins, Founder and CEO, BuzzPlant

How Not to Be Your Only Volunteer: Recruiting, Training and Retaining a Solid Corps
Kimberly Elman, Manager, National Outreach Volunteer Programs, Best Friends Animal Society
Susan Peirce, President and Founder, Red Bucket Equine Rescue

The Big Leap: Organizing and Executing a Successful Trainer Challenge
Dawn Roberts, Rally for the Rescues Trainer Challenge
Susan Hemmerle, Director, The Horse Shelter
Natalee Cross, Director, Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue

Rethinking Adoption Practices: Translating Theory from Dogs and Cats to Horses
Heather Mohan-Gibbons, Director of Applied Research & Behavior, Research and Development,  ASPCA
Suzanne D’Alonzo, Strategic Engagement Manager, The HSUS 
Sariah Hopkins, Executive Director Safe Harbor Equine and Livestock Sanctuary

2015 Homes for Horses Coalition Conference

The Homes for Horses Coalition Forum
Preceding the 2015 conference, the Coalition hosted a unique, full-day, professionally facilitated forum.  A small distinctive group of leaders in the field of equine welfare were invited to discuss the barriers to and opportunities for saving America’s at-risk domestic horses, and identify key tools and resources for rescuers.  Four major themes for moving the field forward emerged from the Forum:

  • All sound and healthy horses in rescues should be getting training.  It shortens their length of stay, improves the image of equine rescues and provides horses with skills that may keep them off the kill buyer’s truck should they find themselves at auction.
  • Safety net programs are essential for keeping horses in their homes and out of rescues.  If you offer these services, don’t be afraid to promote them.
  • It is time for an Adopt, Don’t Shop/Make Adoption Your First Option movement in the equine field, but it will only be successful if we promote our horses’ strengths and achievements over their brokenness.  The image of the rescue horse needs to be changed to one of diversity and value.
  • There is a need for greater communication, trust and collaboration in the horse welfare industry.

Successful Strategies for Working with Law Enforcement
Erin Ochoa, Executive Director, Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Inc.
Deborah Michielson, Senior Investigator, Houston SPCA
Gillian Deegan, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Botetourt County, Virginia

Improving Adoption Rates Through Innovative Marketing
Carol Brice, Director, Colorado Horse Rescue
Jo Anne Miller, Executive Director, Brook Hill Farm

Successful Outreach: Ideas for Engaging Your Community
Karen Pomroy, President and Founder, Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
Karen Gustin, Executive Director, Kentucky Equine Humane Center
Vickie Spears, Director, Doris Day Equine Center, Inc.

Courting Major Donors
Jacque Schultz, Senior Director, ASPCA Equine Fund

Past Presentations

Large Scale Equine Seizures
Steps for developing a plan for success
Morgan Silver, Executive Director, Horse Protection Association of Florida
Large Scale Equine Seizures 

Working with the Media
Media and reporters have the power to shape how communities see us. A positive media exposure can increase donations/volunteers. The media also give us a chance to get the story out how we want it told.
Kristen Eastman, Public Relations Manager, HSUS
Basic Media Training and Strategy
Stacy Segal, Equine Protection Specialist, HSUS

Media Matters: Making the Media Work for you 

Working with Law Enforcement to Improve Equine Welfare
How to effectively build your case, assist with the seizure, the importance of good documentation, creating a care plan for seized horses, and networking to place them effectively.
Sára Varsa, Deputy Director Emergency Services, HSUS
Partners in Crime Fighting, Forging a Working Relationship with Law Enforcement
Jerry Finch, President, Habitat for Horses

Habitat for Horses – Seizures
Tammy Roberts, Lead Cruelty Investigator, Humane Society of North Texas

Michael Russell, D.V.M.
Equine Shelter Medicine  

Finding Homes for Horses: Training and Marketing for Adoption Success
Panelists share proven programs and strategies for marketing adoptable equines; discuss how training and retraining can optimize re-homing efforts, as well as using foster homes to increase the number of horses you can help.
Nicki Branch, President, FalconRidge Ranch Equine Rescue
Training/Retraining the Rescued Horse for Successful Adoption
Melodee Shelley-Bolmgren, President, Chez Chevaux Thoroughbred Horse Rescue

Jo Deibel, President and Director, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue
Jill Curtis, President, Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
Keith Dane, Director, Equine Protection, HSUS
Finding Homes For Horses  

GFAS Horse Rescue and Sanctuary Accreditation Program
Leaders of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries give an overview of a new international accreditation program for horse rescues and sanctuaries and Homes for Horses members who are currently going through the accreditation process will share their experiences with the program.
Patty Finch, Executive Director, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
GFAS and Equine
Richard Farinato, Senior Director, Animal Care Centers, HSUS

Why We Need GFAS

Money Matters: Where and How to Seek Grants and Funds
Where and how to seek funding, the basics of putting together a good grant application, and various resources for grant seekers will be covered.
Jacque Schultz, Senior Director, Community Outreach, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
What Grant Officers Look for in a Grant Application
ASPCA Equine Fund Overview and Granting Considerations
Patty Finch, Executive Director, Global Federation for Animal Sanctuaries

Grant Writing for Equine Sanctuaries / Rescue Facilities

Planning for the Worst: Being Prepared for a Major Disaster
What every horse rescue professional needs to know to develop an effective disaster preparedness plan.
Jerry Finch, President, Habitat for Horses
Emergency Response Standard Operating Procedures
Shelley Sawhook, President, American Horse Defense Fund

Planning for the Worst: Being Prepared for a Major Disaster
Melissa Forberg, Senior Disaster Consultant

Develop a Disaster Plan that Works
Evacuation Checklist 

HSUS Community Building: Forging Partnerships with State and Local Stakeholders
How to build effective partnerships with state and local horse industry stakeholders, models for creating statewide horse councils, and working with various authorities including your Department of Agriculture to improve the lives of horses.
Floss Blackburn, President, Denkai Animal
Forging Partnerships: Working With Agricultural Based Programs
Keith Dane, Director, Equine Protection, The Humane Society of the United States

Building a Horse Welfare Council

Keeping Volunteers Engaged: Attracting, Utilizing and Retaining Volunteers
How to set up a successful volunteer program, attracting and attaining good volunteers and unique approaches for maximizing your volunteer base.
Jo Deibel, President, Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue
Jill Curtis, President, Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
Jen Reid, Horse Haven Manager, Best Friends Animal Society

Building a Successful Volunteer Program

Promoting Owner and Breeder Responsibility in the Equestrian Community
Promoting the idea of responsible horse ownership at all stages of a horse’s life, how breeders can be part of the solution and why slaughter is unnecessary for population control or any other reason. Equine advocates will give an update on federal legislation to end hose slaughter and share their strategies and experiences fighting state legislative efforts to reopen horse slaughter plants.
Cathy Atkinson, Founder,
Using Modern Technology and the Internet to Promote Owner and Breeder Responsibility
Jane Heath, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Montana Horse Sanctuary

The Montana effort to stop a horse slaughter bill
Stacy Segal, Equine Protection Specialist, HSUS

Promoting Responsible Horse Ownership/Ending Horse Slaughter