Benefits of Adopting

The Benefits are Clear-Think Adoption First

Saving Lives

You are saving two lives and decreasing the number of horses in the slaughter pipeline by opening up space for another at-risk equine.  Plus, by adopting instead of buying, you will reduce the demand that drives commercial breeding.

Full Disclosure

There is no advantage for a rescue to give false information about a horse. They will share all they know about the horse’s background, medical history, training and personality.

Healthy Horses

By the time horses are placed up for adoption from a rescue, they are in good weight and  body condition, and are up-to-date on vaccinations, dental care, farrier care and other health needs.

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Most rescue organizations offer support such as training, education and service provider contacts (farriers, veterinarians, holistic practitioners, etc.).

Save Money

Adoption fees tend to be less than purchase prices from an individual or breeder, and there are no hidden costs due to undisclosed illness, injury or behavior issue.

Good Fit

When you adopt, you’re working with a matchmaker rather than a horse trader. Adoption specialists are pros at making a perfect fit which is especially nice for first time owners.

Abundant Choices

There are many beautiful, sound and healthy equines waiting for adoption.  You can find most any breed, size, color, or temperament.  In addition, many rescued equines have had training!

Lifelong Care

Most rescues require multiple visits with the horse you are interested in adopting. This gives you time to make sure you and the horse are a good match; but if things don't work out or life changes occur, most rescues will take their horses back.

Find a Rescue Near You

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