Register Voluntary Compliance

If you operate an equine rescue facility and wish to register for voluntary compliance with the AWI/HSUS "Basic Guidelines for Operating an Equine Rescue or Retirement Facility," please complete and submit this form for review. By submitting this form you are attesting to the fact that your facility operates in compliance with these guidelines.

Please note that you must be an approved member before registering for voluntary compliance. If you have not yet joined the Homes for Horses Coalition, please fill out the Member Application, wait for your approval email, and then come back here to register for voluntary compliance.

Member ID Number: Year Founded:
Name of organization: General e-mail address:
Is the organization primarily a rescue/rehabilitation facility, a retirement facility, or both?
Rescue/Rehabilitation Facility Retirement Facility Both
Number of full-time staff:
Number of regular volunteers:
Number of equines normally cared for by the organization:
Does the organization care for all animals in one location, does it utilize foster homes, or both?
One Location Foster Homes Both
Does the organization adopt equines out? Yes No
If it does adopt out, is there a standard adoption fee and if so, what is it? Yes No $
Is the organization registered with the I.R.S. as a 501(c)3? Yes No
Yes, I support legislation to stop horse slaughter and the transport of horses for slaughter for human consumption. You may add my name to the list of supporters! (Note: Support of this legislation is a membership requirement.)

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