Rescue Horse Wall of Fame


United States Equestrian Federation Name, Tumbling Dice

Blitzburgh was donated to MidAtlantic Horse Rescue after a racing injury ended his career. He was adopted in 2014 and won multiple year-end awards in Virginia during his first year of showing (2015) including, Reserve Champion Pleasure Horse and Champion Maiden Hunter. He was shown against more than 90 other horses including expensive warmbloods.


On March 10, 2009, Chino arrived at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) in Lisbon, Maryland.  He had a body condition of 1.5 out of 9 on the Hennke scale, basically skin stretched over a skeleton, and was in a lot of pain. He was sent to the emergency clinic for intensive care treatment and his fate uncertain.

Chino had the will to fight and it soon became apparent that he was something special.  Chino has proven to be a dream come true for his adopter, Emily; a wonderful discovery, found in a place (a rescue) where most people don’t ever think of looking.  Emily doesn’t believe she could have found a more perfect, loving and talented horse anywhere. Chino is extremely level-headed, willing to learn and has amazing movement.  Chino and Emily are currently competing in dressage and eventing and have been very successful showing at Fair Hill International, Elkton, MD and competing at Morven Park, Leesburg, VA.  Mary Benton

Ard Righ

Ard Righ was saved from slaughter at New Holland auction. He was adopted to an up and coming event rider who says he is by far the most talented horse she has ever ridden. He won several high point awards at the Training Level in the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program last year. His adopter has turned down very generous offers from top level event riders, and hopes to go all the way to the top with "Artie."


Vet school was not at all what I expected in terms of animal welfare and compassion for all animals. I rescued rescued Yuki from a terminal surgery elective.  Beautiful Yuki was donated to the program because he had chronic lameness and had been abandoned at an eventing barn. From riches to rags he went when he was no longer ‘useful’.

Yuki was my inspiration to start Northwest Equine Stewardship Center (NWESC).  NWESC brings vet students together with at-risk horses in need of veterinary care.  Students thrive in this positive learning environment without the trauma and guilt of euthanizing a healthy animal to learn a procedure.  Yuki's real talent unfolded when we started NWESC’s Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (EFL) program. His magnetic personality led many people to pick him to help facilitate their healing or personal growth and he impacted the lives of each person he worked with in ways far beyond what can be told here. Hannah Mueller, DVM


In October of 2013, Braveheart, a sweet downtrodden 19 year old draft cross doomed for slaughter was saved at the hideous New Holland auction. Kelly Smith, from Omega Horse Rescue, did a great job putting weight on him and attending to his neglected feet.

Many people thought that he was too old and weak to become a riding horse. A friend offered to restart him using the system of training advocated by Karl Mikolka, a former chief rider at the Spanish Riding School. Braveheart is thriving! He is regularly ridden and trained 5 days a week and is now muscled, supple, and talented and has participated in several clinics with Mr. Mikolka! He is such a willing horse; happy in his work and a joy to ride. He has taught many people that senior horses are worth the time and energy to restart and still have many gifts to offer. Valerie Pringle


Starbucks arrived at DEFHR in June 2011.  She was in horrific condition (body condition score of 1), with extensive rain rot. After six months of rehabilitation, 14 year old DEFHR volunteer Larisa met her and fell in love.

Larisa has been dedicated to her training and trying different disciplines with Starbucks including jumping, dressage, hunter pace, and eventing.  Starbucks has been an amazing partner and friend willing to try whatever Larisa asks of her and eager to please.  Recently, Larisa and Starbucks competed at a starter horse trial and, despite heavy rain and challenging conditions, won their division at the Novice level. They are ready for Training level this season!  Ellen Quirk


Justice was a one-eyed mare that was found several years ago roaming the streets of Polk County Florida with no owner to claim her.  She was one of the first rescues ever by Dawn Bazemore of Faith Equine Rescue.  Justice is now being shown dressage by an 82 year old rider, competing in 4-H and obstacle challenges and is used as a therapeutic riding horse at a facility for handicap children.  A little disability has not stopped this mare.


Mainland’s Gift

Mainland’s Gift, aka Joe was sold in a load of horses and ponies to kill buyers in the parking lot of New Holland auction.  A group from New Jersey saved the ponies and found quarantine barns anywhere they could.  Joe was put with goats in a very small barn in NJ.  All the ponies from the group were adopted, except Joe.  He wasn't trained and had a large scar and shortened stride.  I adopted him, rehabbed his leg, and took 3 years to train him to ride and drive.  He is fabulous - a true Gift and will no doubt be a top driving pony.  Elizabeth Bigge


HHC Love!

Yuki’s magnetic personality has led many people to pick him to help facilitate their healing or personal growth and he has impacted the lives of each person he has worked with in ways so far beyond what can be told here.

~ Hannah Mueller DVM

To watch Emily and Chino interact is a true statement of their relationship…it’s a bond that is almost humanlike, it’s a beautiful experience of unconditional love

~ Mary Benton

The difference between a rescue horse and any other horse is often just different luck. 

~Cindy Gendron

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