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Safety Net Assistance

Safety Net programs are aimed at keeping owners with their horses through short periods of unexpected difficulty.
These programs offer assistance in many forms, including feed funds, veterinary services, emergency assistance, gelding,
and end-of-life care. Our resource lists information about safety net programs for horse owners across the United States.

StateOrganizationHayEmergency assistanceFosterGeldingEuthanasiaNotes
AlaskaAlaska Equine Rescueyesfeed, vet, farrier
ArizonaArizona Coalition for Equinesyesyesyes
ArizonaCare for the Horsesyesfeed, vet, farrieryes**temporary foster if owner surrenders
ArizonaEquine Voicesyes
ArizonaEquine Wellbeingyesyes
CaliforniaCanham Farm Horse Rescueyesyes
CaliforniaEquine Assistance Projectyesboard, farrier, vetyes
CaliforniaSan Diego Horse Coalitionyes
CaliforniaSonoma Action for Equine Rescue S.A.F.E.Ryes**tri-county area of Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino counties
ColoradoColorado Horse Rescueyesfeed, vet, farrier, dentalLeg Up Program
ColoradoDenkai Sanctuaryyesfeed, farrier, vet, vaccinationsyesyes
ColoradoFleet of AngelsyesyesDisaster relief, hay grants, transportation assistance. Serves all over the US and internationally
ColoradoFor the Love of AriayesyesyesWe offer emergency feed, vet bills, training fees to gentle mustangs, euthanasia only as a last resort or moving equine would he too hard on them, we also help with adoption fees to the BLM for private adopters, we offer paying board for short periods to other organizations.
ColoradoFront Range Equine RescuenoEvacuationnonoFire/Disaster Evacuation
ColoradoWestern Slope Haybank (DreamCatcher Therapy Center)yes
ConnecticutBeech Brooke Farmyesyesyes
FloridaFaith Equine Rescueyesfeed
FloridaHope Equine Rescueyesfeed, dental, coggins, vaccines*yes*assistance in the form of low-cost clinics
FloridaRVR Horse Rescue Horse Angelsyesyesyesyes
GeorgiaGeorgia Equine Rescue Leagueyes
GeorgiaHorse Rescues United of GA (HRU)yesyesyesyes
IllinoisUniversity of Illinoisyes*yes**gelding clinic; ET for fee-carcass use undisclosed.
IndianaPurdue Universityyes**free ET, pathology report and tell you what body will be used for.
KansasHope in the Valley Equine Rescue and Sanctuaryyes**annual castration clinic
KansasRainbow Meadowsyesyes
KentuckyKentucky Horse Councilyesfeed, gelding, euthanasiayesyesEquine Safety Net: Equine Safety Net was established to assist those caring horse owners who have temporary financial setbacks (such as a job loss or medical incident within the past 6 months), and are having difficulties feeding their horses.
MaineMaine State Society for the Protectoin of Animalsyeshay, feed, vet, farrier, gelding, euthanasiayesyesyesinfo@msspa.org
MarylandDays End Farm Horse RescueET and removal assistance**offered through animal control rather than directly to the public.
MarylandMaryland Fund For Horses, Inc.yesfeed, vet, farrieryesyesMFFH's primary safety nets include:
Maryland Hay Bank
Emergency feed distribution to qualified applicants
Gelding grants (and occasional castration clinics)
Routine veterinary care financial assistance
Emergency and surgical veterinary care financial assistance
Compassionate advice and referrals
MassachusettsMasssachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsyesyesyesVeterinary and farrier assistance available
MassachusettsNew England Equine Rescue - Northyes
MichiganMichigan Horse Welfare CoalitionyesyesyesFarrier and Dental assistance available
MinnesotaMinnesota Horse Welfare Coalitionyesyesyes
MinnesotaMinnesota Horse CouncilDisaster Reliefyes
MinnesotaSundown Horse Rescueyesyes
MontanaMontana Horse Sanctuaryyesfeed, vet, farrier, equiptmentyesyes
NebraskaMJM Equine Rescueyes
NevadaLocal Equine Assistance Network, L.E.A.N.yesFeed, vet, farrieryesyesyes
New HampshireBecky's Giftyesfeed, vet, farrier
New HampshireNew Hampshire SPCAyesemergency and routine vet careyesCOVID-19 Emergency Programs for Horse Owners
New JerseyMylestone Equine RescueyesyesCoggins, emergency vet assistance
New MexicoNew Mexico Equine Protection Fundyesfeedyesyes
New YorkThe National Miniature Donkey Associationyes**gelding incentive program
New YorkRoanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescueyes
New YorkRelay Run Rescueyesyesyes
North CarolinaCarolina Equine Rescue & Assistanceyes
North CarolinaHope for HorsesyesblanketsFeed, vet, farrier
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Horse CouncilyesyesyesBoarding, vet
North CarolinaRed Bell Runyesfeed, vet, blankets
OhioWyandot Humaneyes
OklahomaHorse Feathersyesblanket bankyesyes
OregonEquine Community Resources Organizationyesfeed, vet, dental, blanketsyesyestransport
OregonOregon Hay Bankyesfeed, vet, dental,yes
OregonSound Equine Optionsyesvetyes
PennsylvaniaCANTER Pennsylvaniayes
PennsylvaniaElk Mountain Equine Sanctuaryyesyes
PennsylvaniaThe Phoenix Horse Farmyes**space for 7 horses in emergency, Dr. Sue Pressman
Rhode IslandRhode Island SPCAyesyes
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Horsemen's Councilemergency careyesyes
TennesseeHearts of Horse Havenyesyesyes
TennesseeHorse Plus Humane SocietyDisaster ReliefyesyesOpen to global and national applicants. Also offers grants to non-profit equine rescues
TexasBluebonnet Equineyesyesyes
TexasHabitat for Horsesyesfeed
UtahBest Friends Animal Societyyesfeed, vet, farrier, transportGrant funds for special circumstances to other rescues.
VermontGerda's Equine RescueBlanket bank
VermontThe Dorset Equine Rescue
VirginiaCentral Virginia Horse Rescueyesyesyes
VirginiaDominion Equine Welfareyesfeed
VirginiaPeaceful Valley Donkey Rescueemergency transport
WashingtonThe Hayburner Project - Hay Bankyesyes
WashingtonSAFE/Save A Forgotten Equineyes
West VirginiaHeart of Phoenix Equine Rescueyesfarrier, feed, dentalyesyesyes

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