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How Equine Rescues Can Advocate for Horses

Equine rescues can be instrumental in impacting policies related to equine welfare at all levels of government. There are many ways that you, or your organization, can advocate for horses at the federal, state, and local level—from posting action alerts on social media to hosting an open house at your barn featuring elected officials. Here are some of the tools that you can use to advocate for horses:

Contact Your Legislators

A rescue, or its supporters, can call or write to local/state/federal legislators and urge support for a relevant action. 
How to Call Your Legislators.
How to Write to Your Legislators.

Meet with Legislators

Employ face-to-face meetings (Zoom works too!) with officials to discuss issues pertaining to equine welfare. Act locally: Attending a town hall or meeting with your federal legislators in their local office can sometimes be even more effective than traveling to Washington DC. In addition, use your expertise to testify at hearings on horse-related bills or policies. 

Invite Visitors

Host an open house and use that time to educate visitors about policies affecting equine welfare. Invite your local legislators and the media, and have press packets or infographics about pertinent bills available.  

Write an Op-Ed or a Letter to the Editor

Submissions to newspapers in the form of an op-ed or letter to the editor can get your voice heard by new people. Keep your writing concise and respectful, while promoting support for the important equine measures. 

Social Media

Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to express your support for relevant legislation. Encourage followers to take action, and provide links to resources such as petitions or action alerts. Remember to use social media wisely and always act professionally.


Join coalitions like Homes for Horses to be a part of a like-minded community that can generate a greater impact than individuals alone. Don’t be afraid to call on your supporters for help. They want to save horses! Share information around your facility and in your newsletters about pertinent legislation. Together, we can achieve real change for all equines.

Join the Homes for Horses Coalition, American Wild Horse Campaign, and Animal Welfare Institute to learn more about advocating for equines. If you are a 501(c)(3) equine rescue, you CAN advocate for the issues you care about! This webinar shares relevant equine bills and steps you can take to help get them passed.

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