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Use these action alerts to contact your members of Congress about federal legislation for equine protection and share with your network to raise even more support! Some action alerts may be inactive if bills have not yet been introduced.

Call on Congress to Stop the Slaughter of American Horses

Tens of thousands of American horses are killed for human consumption each year. Contact your legislators and urge them to support the SAFE Act- federal legislation to permanently ban horse slaughter. Take Action with Animal Welfare Institute or take action with American Wild Horse Campaign.

Stop Soring of Tennessee Walking Horses 

Soring involves the deliberate infliction of pain on a horse’s hooves and front limbs to produce an exaggerated high-stepping gait. Take Action with Animal Welfare Institute.

Help End Costly and Inhumane Management of Wild Equines

Inhumane management leaves thousands of wild horses at risk. Costly and inhumane methods like helicopter roundups endanger wild horses and burros and routinely result in injuries and fatalities. Learn more about wild horse management in the United States, roundups, and alternative management solutions. Contact your legislators about the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act of 2023 with Animal Welfare Institute. Take Action.

Protect Donkeys Across the Globe from the Brutal Skin Trade

Millions of donkeys are killed annually so that their hides can be used to produce a gelatin known as “ejiao” used in cosmetics and traditional medicines. Learn more.

Help Stop Cruel Transport of Horses

Hauling horses in double-deck trailers, which are designed for much shorter animals, poses safety risks to others on the road, as well as to the horses crowded inside. Learn more.


Animal Welfare Institute – Action Center
Comprehensive website with information on federal legislators, bills, media resources, and more. You can use the Action Center to Take Action and to Find Your Legislator, view their animal welfare-related legislative decisions, and see how they score on important animal protection measures currently before Congress.

Animal Welfare Institute – Media Search
Find local media outlets to submit pieces.

Bolder Advocacy – Resource Library
Bolder Advocacy houses a resource Library for informed and effective advocacy by 501(c)(3) organizations, including how to lobby as a public nonprofit organization and Comparison of 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and Political 527 Organizations

Online information about current and past legislation, US Code, the Supreme Court, the US Constitution, legislative calendars, congressional floor schedules, and more.

Faunalytics (formerly Humane Research Council)
A collection of research related to animal welfare, including equines. Offers easy to understand summaries and abstracts of scientific publications.

SAFE – Safe Options for Rehoming Your Horse
Great resource on how to guide horse owners if they are thinking of giving up their equine.

State Horse Councils
State horse councils are a great way to connect with equine professionals on a local level.

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