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The Homes for Horses Coalition is a group of professionals working together to actively promote the welfare and protection of horses and other equines. By working to end horse slaughter and other forms of equine cruelty, provide care and homes to horses in need, advance the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement homes, and promote responsible horse ownership, the Homes for Horses Coalition is actively engaged in improving the lives of equines.

Coalition members have the benefit of being part of a recognized network of experts in equine care and government policy affecting equines. In addition, you will receive priority information about training and the availability of additional resources.

If your organization operates an equine rescue, retirement facility, or professional advocacy organization and you would like to join the Homes for Horses Coalition, please click the “Membership Application” button below.

If you are an equine veterinarian, farrier, or law enforcement agent, please click the “Supporter Application” button below to be part of a network of professionals invested in equine rescue.

Membership Application
Supporter Application

Please review the Rescue Standards, Criteria for Membership, Code of Conduct, and Complaint Procedure before submitting your application.

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