Horse eating

Refeeding a Starved Horse

Starved horses require specialized care, which can vary depending on factors such as
severity of starvation, presence of parasites, other illnesses, and age. Determining the precise formula
for each horse requires individual evaluation by a veterinarian to avoid refeeding syndrome, which can
result in heart, kidney, and respiratory failure. 

Body Condition Score and Re-feeding Syndrome
(Best Friends Animal Society)

Body Condition Score: Back to Basics
(Chad Mendell, Platinum Performance)

From Seizure to Adoption:  A Guide to Rehabilitating the Starved Horse
(Jerry Finch, Habitat for Horses)

Nutrition and Refeeding
(Melanie Higdon, Hidden Springs Equine Rescue)

Penn State Cooperative Extension/Equine
Articles, studies, courses and workshops, news, and events related to equines, including information on nutrition and feeding.

Rehabilitating, Refeeding, and Rehoming Rescue Horses
Recorded Ask the Vet Live presented by theHorse.

Nutrition for Rehabilitating the Starved Horse
(The Center for Equine Health at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis)

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