Disaster Preparedness

Disasters and emergencies happen, and it is essential that equine rescues are prepared when they do. Rescues, often with varied groups of animals and visitors, should have plans in place that are clearly expressed and available to volunteers. Some disasters, like barn fires, are preventable, and steps should be taken to reduce risk. This collection of resources should guide best practices to develop your own emergency plans and reduce harm in case of a disaster.  

Webinar: Emergency Preparedness for Equine Rescues
(Dr. John Madigan, Julie Atwood, and Dr. Rebecca McConnico, 2021)

Webinar: “Hiding in Plain Sight” Dangers Around Equine Facilities
(Rebecca Husted and HHC, 2023)

Owner Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
(American Association of Equine Practitioners)

Disaster Preparedness
(The Center for Equine Health at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis)

Equine Emergency Kit Checklist
(The Center for Equine Health at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis)

Horses in Disasters
(Dr. Nicole Eller, Homes for Horses Coalition Conference, 2017)

Disaster Apps
(The Red Cross)

Barn Fire Statistics
Learn why, when, and where barn fires occur. In addition, find data on how many horses have been killed in barn fires since 2013. (AWI, 2024)

Making your Horse Barn Fire Safe
(HSUS, 2005)

Fire Prevention Measure for Equine Facilities
(PennState College of Agricultural Sciences, 2021)

Emergency Preparedness Before- 1 series

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