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Grants & Safety Nets

A significant portion of the average established nonprofit’s budget comes from grants. Equine-oriented grants may be offered by the following:

  • National animal welfare organizations
  • Corporate foundations
  • Family foundations
  • Private foundations

The links below offer many different types of assistance, including general grants for equine nonprofits, emergency assistance, funds for gelding, and more.

Safety Nets: Funds for private horse owners in need of assistance may be available through safety net programs. These programs help horse owners stay with their equines and reduce the burden on rescues. HHC has compiled a list of safety net programs for your convenience.


Animal Assistance Foundation
Grant opportunities for Colorado-based animal non-profits.

Animal Funding Atlas
View a map of relevant animal grant funders and recipients.

Shelter and equine-specific grants from the ASPCA.

Banfield Foundation ®
Offers a variety of grant opportunities, including disaster relief and medical equipment.

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund
Offers grants to 501c3 equine rescues.

Brooke USA
Global grant opportunities to help working equines. 

Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance
Offers an annual grant cycle to Colorado horse rescues and equine organizations.

Emily Vernon Foundation for Homeless & Abused Animals, Inc.
Giving to organizations that work to prevent animal cruelty or provide assistance in the care of homeless and abused animals.

Equus Foundation
Grant opportunities for equine welfare organizations.

Google Ad Grants
Receive up to $10,000 in advertising funding for your nonprofit.

Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust
Grant opportunities for Ohio and Great Lakes Region humane organizations.

Laura J. Niles Foundation Inc.
Grant opportunities for Northeast-based initiatives to help animals and people. 

Parelli Foundation
Grant opportunities for natural horsemanship related training and activities for horses, volunteers, and the public. 

Petco Love
Grant opportunities for animal welfare organizations, including disaster relief.

Petfinder Foundation
Offers a variety of grant opportunities, including senior pet adoption assistance, disaster relief, and emergency medical grants.

​​Summerlee Foundation
Grant opportunities for animal cruelty cases and wild animals including wild horses.

USA Equestrian Trust®
Grant opportunities for equine nonprofit organizations.

Wisconsin State Horse Council
Funds projects or events to educate the public about equines in Wisconsin.

Safety Net Assistance  (Feed funds, euthanasia, gelding, and disaster relief)

In addition to the resources listed below, many members of the Homes for Horses Coalition offer their own safety net programs. These programs are in place to keep owners with their equines through periods of unexpected difficulty. A list of safety net programs by state can be found here.   

Animal Protection New Mexico
Emergency Feed Fund Assistance in New Mexico.

Equestrian Aid Foundation
Offers help to horse people after injury or illness leaves them in need of support.

The Foundation For The Horse
Emergency assistance, disaster funds. 

Fleet of Angels
Emergency assistance, hay grants, disaster grants, and more.

One Horse At A Time, Inc. 
Emergency feed, gelding, and medical assistance.

PetSmart Charities
Offers help in the event of a large-scale natural disaster. Funds are available to assist during the rescue, relief, and/or recovery stages caused by unforeseen disasters.

RedRover Relief 
Assistance for urgent medical care.

Save Our Horses Fund
Emergency assistance to Kentucky based equines, including gelding, hay, and euthanasia.

Special Horses Emergency Fund
Awards immediate, small grants to rescues experiencing unforeseen and unexpected challenges.

United Horse Coalition Equine Resource Database
The UHC database includes safety net assistance, rescues, and grant opportunities.

Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign
AAEP. Annual vaccination grants.

Vet Direct Safety Net
AAEP. Emergency medical grants.

Breed Specific Opportunities

After the Finish Line
Grant opportunities to organizations that rescue Thoroughbreds.

Grant opportunities to California based organizations that rescue Thoroughbreds.

Full Circle Gives Members a Chance to Provide a Safety Net
USTA Full Circle creates a network of past owners for trotting horses.

Retired Racehorse Project
Thoroughbred specific events and support, including the Thoroughbred Makeover competition.

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance
Organizations approved for accreditation by TAA are eligible for grants for equine care. 

Thoroughbred Charities of America
Emergency assistance and grants to charities rehoming Thoroughbreds.

Transportation Assistance

Fleet of Angels

Whorley’s Hauling
Offers discounts to rescues.

More Databases/Listings

Animal Grantmakers
Database and “Animal Funding Atlas” to help find funding sources. 

The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement 
Listings of relevant animal grant opportunities. 

Search for grants by topic.

Horse Help Hotline – South Carolina Horsemen’s Council
Resource to connect horses in need with local South Carolina resources.

Resources for Horses – RedRover
Listings of assistance for horses, including state-specific help.

United States Funding Sources Map
Find funding and state-specific information.

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