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The Homes for Horses Coalition – Advancing Equine Protection

Thanks to all who participated in The Homes For Horses Coalition 2014 Summit in Denver, CO on July 31 and August 1.  It was a great success!

The Homes for Horses Coalition is supported by Animal Welfare Institute, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and The Humane Society of the United States through the Jeannie Dodson Equine Protection Fund.

The Coalition is dedicated to ending horse slaughter and other forms of equine abuse, while promoting growth, collaboration and professionalism in the equine rescue and protection community. There is no cost to HHC membership.

We are a group of professionals working together to actively promote the welfare and protection of horses and other equines. By working to end horse slaughter and other forms of equine cruelty, provide care and homes to horses in need, advance the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement homes and promote responsible horse ownership, the Homes for Horses Coalition is actively engaged in improving the lives of America's equines.

Many of the coalition's members operate equine care facilities while others are involved in government policy affecting horses and other equines. We also partner with professionals in the field, including breeders, trainers and veterinarians. The cumulative expertise of our group puts the Homes for Horses Coalition in a unique position to advocate for equines from a highly informed perspective that, most importantly, always puts the welfare of equines above commercial interests.

The Homes for Horses Coalition believes that:

  • Every horse has intrinsic value and deserves humane treatment at all stages in life.
  • The horse industry, including the equine veterinary medical profession, has an obligation to promote responsible horse breeding, ownership and care.
  • Horse owners have a responsibility to provide high-quality, long-term care for their horses.
  • All horses deserve a humane end to life and that horse slaughter is neither humane nor acceptable.

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Position Openings:

Transitioning Executive Director, Equine Outreach, Bend, OR

Animal Rescue Manager, Yolo County, CA. Contact

Spring Reins of Life, Central New Jersey, Seeks Executive Director and Board Member


Equine Affaire at Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA, Nov. 13-16, 2014
Day-long Equine Welfare Workshop from the ASPCA Equine Fund

Various 2014 dates

Free Webinars:

The Budget Primer: Building and Using Budgets Better, Presented by 4Good. Wed., Oct. 29, 2014, 1-2 pm EST.

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Our Rescue Equine of the Month
Cloud Nine


CLOUD NINE- estimated 18 year-old 15.1hh Arabian gelding.

Cloud Nine suffered severe neglect and was part of an SPCA seizure in July 2012. At the time, he weighed only 714 pounds (body score 2). Cloud has gained 300 pounds since and was transferred to Horse Rescue United and is in excellent condition.

Cloud stands well when being tacked up. He is a solid all-around riding horse for an intermediate rider. He clearly had riding experience in the past as he knows his aids and cues. Very sweet and independent under saddle; not herd bound, although he is good with other horses. Cloud rides walk/trot/canter beautifully and his canter and sitting trot are very comfortable to ride. Cloud has a nice shoulder on him and great
brakes.  He is proud and full of himself like most Arabians, so needs an intermediate handler and rider. He doesn't settle in a stall, so he requires a home who can keep him turned out 24/7 with an equine buddy and shed.

Located in Jackson, NJ, Cloud is available for $250 to an approved home within a 5 hour drive of the rescue. He is up-to-date on all needs and thoroughly evaluated. Videos and more photos can be found at Email to offer a home.

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