Sample Documents

Best Friends Society, Horse Haven and Habitat for Horses kindly agreed to share these documents for editing to meet the needs of your organization.  These forms are based on Utah and Texas law, and it is very important that you check with an attorney in your state to validate the terms of any agreement you make by altering these documents.

Sample Profit Loss

Sample Cash Flow Statement

Sample Balance Sheet

Horse Haven Standards of Care

Horse Haven New Arrival Evaluation

Horse Haven Quarantine Levels Chart

Horse Haven Quarantine Set-up Protocols

Horse Haven Sanctuary Adoption Agreement

Horse Haven Horse Repossession

Horse Haven Home Visit Questionnaire

Horse Haven Horse Relinquishment

Habitat for Horses Adoption Return 

Habitat for Horses Minimum Standards of Care

ASPCA Documents for Cruelty Cases – Nineteen forms that can help accurately document and present information often crucial to a successful prosecution.